“Workplace!! Post-Lockdown 2.0 – Near and Distant Affect / Effect” | Arun Prasad Keshri | VP Employee Relations | HR Compliance | Speaker | Mentor | Visiting Faculty

Social Restrictions & Social Distancing implemented during this pandemic has been trying to strike a balance between cost and benefit but the losses of life are huge across the globe and also massive is the economic catastrophe. We all have agreed that the COVID-19 spread has brought in uncertain times that none of us had ever thought or imagined earlier.

Leadership and HR | | Aparna Sharma | Senior HR Professional & Certified Corporate Director I Editor’s Collection

To be an effective business leader, it is important to understand the broad operations and processes that drive business and create growth. However, to be a successful Human Resource leader, it is not only critical to understand the basic principles of business best practices, it is also important to be proactive and strategically develop your influence over your organization.

What is your Plan for Retirement ?

Retirement is a time when income drops and expenses rise. In one word, retirement is an end to the daily struggle for the salaried persons who spend 8-10 hours every day at work. However we cannot say that retirement is really a great relief in some cases like if someone is retrenched in mid-life!

Invest in your Health

Living healthy lifestyle will not only extend our life but also improve overall well-being. It will help us to feel better physically and mentally. Healthy lifestyle includes eating healthy, exercising and avoiding junk food.