Role of HR in GIG Economy | Aparna Sharma | Senior HR Professional & Certified Corporate Director I Editor’s Collectio

What do Uber, Swiggy, AirBnB, amongst others have in common, besides providing services at lower costs? Their leverage on information technology (IT)! IT has overcome the barriers of distance, time and cost, thereby levelling the playing field for everybody, allowing (or forcing, depending on who you ask) not just companies, but also individuals to compete in terms of costs, turnaround time, product quality and geography. It is therefore no surprise that IT-based companies are at the forefront of the gig economy.

A series of webinars “brand-comm Connect”

“brand-comm Connect” is a platform for knowledge sharing through a series of webinars. The idea is to create a platform that allows industry thought leaders to engage with each other to inspire change. The first episode will go live on 20th May, and we would like your help in reaching out to a larger audience.

HRM Summit 2020 organize by Impact Global

2020 marks our Ninth year of hosting incredible HR events in the region. Drawing many of the world’s HR leaders together to learn and do business, HRM Summit combines carefully curated content with unrivalled opportunities to make connections

HR For Small Business: Challenges and Solutions | Aparna Sharma | Senior HR Professional & Certified Corporate Director I Editor’s Collection

Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs) face many operating challenges with human resources issues at the forefront. Remaining compliant with the countless central, state, and local law requirements takes a concentrated focus. Since SMBs don’t often have a dedicated human resources staff or other resources, it can be hard to stay on top of the ever-changing employment landscape