Indian healthcare professionals seek work experience abroad

IndiaRenowned for its prowess in medical education, India’s healthcare professionals are in demand from countries in the Gulf (predominantly the UAE and Saudi Arabia) as well as Europe, and particularly in the UK and Ireland. As many as 10,000 healthcare professionals have emigrated to seek work experiences beyond their homeland in the last five years.

A recent study published on Springer’s BMC revealed that there are a total of 5.74 million medical professionals in India and the desired doctor-to-patient ratio is aligned to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) standards.

Interests for career opportunities abroad are on the rise. Data from, a career hub for healthcare professionals aimed at empowering its members with tools to build a successful, international career, indicate that there is a healthy number of members from India.

Close to 1.5 million members with mixed expertise, such as doctors, nurses, technicians, pharmacists, dentists among others have registered with from all over the world. Among them, those in the nursing profession (46.24%) and doctors (22.92%) are shown to be most keen on pursuing jobs abroad.

Younger healthcare professionals between the age of 25 and 35 years (33.35%), who are fairly green as well as seasoned practitioners with over 10 years of experience (27%) are most keen to make the move. And interestingly, a higher percentage of women (69.88%) compared to men (30.12%) are enthusiastic about relocation., Head of Business, Alejandro Coca said, “More and more, we see a trend of people in search of new experiences and opportunities that not only enrich their personal lives but also help build careers. There are many benefits to working in new environments that are structured differently from home countries – that also comprises talents from all over the world enabling skill and knowledge transfers.

Overseas job opportunities are often enticing, but sometimes challenging to secure. does not just help professional talents find the right job in the medical industry but we also help ensure all the paperwork and required protocol is followed, making the transition to practice legally as smooth as possible.” helps medical professionals with the verification of their license – a crucial step in being compliant in a new health system, which may delay the processing of their licence if the process is not followed correctly. A free membership gives medical staff access to’s ‘Career Toolkit’ which comprises world-class verification services, assistance with licensing, CE and training, recruiting services, career resources, as well as free digital CV which can be viewed by potential employers.