HR technology at the workplace

Introducing new technology means a change in the management framework, too. Just purchasing a tool or software doesn’t cut it. The organizational culture needs to have technology embedded in it.

Vivo to create 2000 jobs

Chinese handset maker, Vivo is evaluating the prospects of starting exports from its Indian facilities, having started a new unit in Greater Noida under the first phase of its broader Rs 7500 crore investment plan for India


One of the noteworthy features of the Indian workplace is a demographic uniqueness.Human Resource Management has evolved rapidly leading the vision for organizational capabilities

What Gen Z expects from the workplace

Consider this fact: There are 600 Million youngsters under the age of 21 (who account for 48% of our population). By any statistical measure of any skill, there would be enough of them to accommodate every level of performance bucket.

Bangalore HR Summit 2019

Institute of HRD will be hosting the 18th Bangalore HR Summit 2019 on 13-14, 2019 at Bangalore, India. In this HR Summit Human Resources Professionals from India, Asia Pacific and Middle East are expected to participate