Soraya Rebello

Corporate Social Responsibility | Soraya Rebello | CSR Head | Jakson Group

Soraya Rebello

CSR is a culture. It’s not just a function that has to be complied with.  We at Jakson incorporate Corporate Responsibility be it social, community or environmental right at the induction phase. It is followed through employee engagement initiatives from the leadership level to the line level. We consider employee engagement in CSR to measure the happiness quotient of our employees. Employees feel passionate & proud of the organisations vision & core values. Not just that, most importantly they feel a part of it. Today our people at Jakson are involved in imparting Life Skills Programmes throughout its supported schools in UP, Maharashta & Gujrat. They participate in cleanliness drives, are undergoing sign language programme to assist the speech impaired, volunteering in slums & counselling mothers to send girls to school. All this is being initiated through our volunteering programmes with no KRAs or appraisal ratings on this parameter. Our focuss is to inculcate a culture of care & concern, hence our HR  & CSR leaders at all our Units are well appointed & trained to create this warm & impactful culture.

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    wants to share CSR based program , works shop presentation from our STEPS…. which is platform to promote and demonstrate the various social activity .

    Please sms / mail the mail ID , accordingly could be able to send the proposal of the same.

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