Tamanna Khanna

Best Practices in Hiring | Tamanna Khanna | VP | Human Resources | VNL

Tamanna Khanna

People are the lifeforce of every company, as its success lies in the people it hires. Most of the fortune 500 organizations are there at top because on the way they found a talented bunch of people, who brought their innovative ideas and contagious energy on the table, and inspired others to reach their full potential. Hence it is imperative to make hiring right a business priority.

Here are a few best practices that one can bank on to improve the talent acquisition process.

1)Use Collaborative hiring and increase internal referrals to leverage employee advocacy: The fact that employees across level & functions are involved in the hiring process also means they have a vested interest in ensuring the new hire is successful.

Also, prospective employees will trust your current employee as they have first-hand experience of the job and company culture as a result, anything that they say about your brand or working environment is seen as more authentic than the corporate brand message.

Some of the ways it can be done:

• Giving a peep at your working culture by using employee testimonials

• Using employee-generated content to build and promote authentic brand

2) Build an authentic brand and use candidate experience as a game-changer:

People experience the brand in every interaction they have and how you make them feel during those moment of truths. Hence enhancing candidate experience during all stages of recruitment is the game-changer. Candidates who enjoy a positive experience are more likely to go far in the recruitment funnel, more likely to make favourable referrals to your company

3). Embracing the Power of technology:

It this VUCA world there is always a fear of losing out if you are not faster than your competition. Invest in technology to augment your hiring practices. Start with a good ATS that is powered by AI. AI has the capacity to work much faster than any human can, help find better-qualified candidates, reduce the risk of unconscious bias and helps improve diversity.

AI and recruiters need to work together to ensure that the focus is on the applicant’s experience, allowing the best candidates to stand out.

While there isn’t one right or fixed approach to the hiring process, it is an ever-evolving process. As people, and the world of work is changing continuously, recruiting practices need to change along with them. Finding suitable candidates can be like trying to hit a moving target.