Sarma Chillara

World Mental Health Day – Sarma Chillara | Director HR and People Services | Skoda Auto Volkswagen India Pvt. Ltd

Sarma Chillara“In this ever-evolving world, where our perception of mental health is shifting, we, as global HR leaders, acknowledge the changing dynamics within the workforce. Mental Health Day underscores a profound transformation – one where mental well-being is no longer an afterthought but a core consideration on par with work itself.

Striking a balance between our professional commitments and personal fulfilment is not merely about stress management; it’s a holistic approach. It’s about embracing life’s myriad experiences, nurturing our creative spark, and enriching our personal journeys.

In this new era, prioritizing mental wellness isn’t just a choice; it’s a strategic imperative for career success. By championing mental health, we unlock untapped potential, bringing fresh perspectives and renewed dedication to our roles. Today, we reaffirm our unwavering commitment to mental well-being, recognizing its pivotal role in shaping a brighter future, both personally and professionally.”