Ashok Thussu

Working at peak performance is the best multiplier | Ashok Thussu | Director & Co Founder | LMI India

Ashok Thussu

Leadership Management International (LMI) is a US based company with presence in over 90 countries. With over 2 million participants worldwide who have been through the LMI’s unique process. The powerful LMI methodology is built around 2 pillars that address the business results perspective as well as the people perspective. This makes LMI one of the leading performance enhancement companies in the world and the interventions give a clear ROI on investments.

Ashok Thussu is the co-founder of LMI operations in South Asia and the company has over 30 certified partners at over 20 locations. LMI helps people and organisations grow to their potential and our business is ‘creating success’.

LMI has a powerful Total Leader® process that helps people master several incremental stages of leadership. Th foundation program addresses the core band of leadership skills needed to be successful and is a huge behavioural change program. It optimises the individual to peak performance. It produces high impact and visible and measurable results as people attain better than normal results in live projects during the LMI process. This generates ROI for the sponsoring organisation.

The LMI interventions are available as group coaching in both online as well as offline versions and are delivered by LMI certified facilitators. Group coaching has a very valuable by product as it breaks down silos and builds collaboration and cooperation to a much higher degree. Of course, one to one coaching is also possible.

Most companies invest heavily in Transactional training. One-two day programs, possibly with good ideas and good trainers, yet when people go back very little changes on the ground. The end up delivering knowledge, building awareness and there exists the vital application gap. Knowledge without application is a zero sum game.

The LMI interventions have an elapsed time of several weeks with a once-a-week half day coaching, the program manual’s (print as well as virtual) have a huge amount of assessment tools that help the participants pin down root causes, many times attitudinal, and address them with the vast array of practical ideas from the materials. The process builds layer by layer into levels of peak performance that surprises the people and organisations as they bridge gaps between expectations and execution – really between potential and performance.

LMI works across industry sectors, we are people specialists, as well as across managerial levels. We have a huge number of clients who are from the SME space as well as several leading companies who are very large corporates.

The flagship program (EPP) has been done by CEO’s down to managers, some companies, over a period of time, have done over 500 people as we get a lot of reorders dues to the visible and measurable impact and ROI that we deliver, they may have started with the CEO and some senior people and then cascaded it across levels. In the words of the Group CEO of this company:

‘I would not hesitate in recommending the Effective Personal productivity program since it adds value more than any other program I know about. This is a program that needs to be accepted as one that works and one that can make life easier for you – without conceptual/intellectual evaluation.’