Ramya Subramanian

Women’s Equality Day: How women are breaking stereotypes and championing breakthroughs across industries | Ramya Subramanian | Chief Strategy Officer | Aparajitha Corporate Services Pvt Ltd

Ramya SubramanianFrom being VP, heading tax litigation, at the number one private sector bank at 25 years to the Strategy – M&A head of the largest Compliance focussed GRC company seems like a natural progression for a rank holder Chartered Accountant. But what makes this interesting is the 10 years in between that I spent as a stay at home mother to my two kids!

I had a typical middle-class upbringing with my mother as the binding factor at home, like many other middle-class homes in Mumbai. She set very high standards for me and my sister, be in academics or keeping the home clean or going out on chores including managing finances and investing. From a very young age it is impressed upon us girls that we have to make choices , not always good for us , but to keep up the outward appearances of harmony within the family. My mother turned this around to teach us that no matter what, we have choices and it is up to us to make them wisely!

Let us make this the motto of every girl, every woman, that whatever roles we are destined to play, let us remember that it is our choice to make our lives the best possible version.