Jyothi Menon

Women’s Equality Day: “Her Rise, Our Future: Uniting Industries for Women’s Empowerment” | Jyothi Menon | Global recruitment ops and HR | UBS India

Jyothi MenonThe journey of women in the corporate workforce has moved from support-oriented roles like assistants to the senior management to being in management positions. With the increasing awareness around gender equity, more visibility and presence of women role models for young girls, and the shift towards creating an environment that supports longer careers for women is showing results with more women pushing boundaries to achieve career successes.

A great example I see is that when we hire from campus for technology or finance graduates we have very talented candidates to hire from women-only colleges. In the last few years there has also been a marked increase in the talent pool of senior women professionals through alternate hiring streams like career returners taking steps to come back to mainstream professions or armed forces veterans looking to use their skills in corporate setups. We’ve been able to hire over 60 senior women through our career comeback program and close to 10 through the veteran hiring program.