Ann Thomas

Women’s Equality Day: “Her Rise, Our Future: Uniting Industries for Women’s Empowerment” | Ann Thomas | Head – PR and Corporate Communications |

Ann ThomasWomen are proven to increase business profitability, yet our numbers in leadership are limited. Because most often, our roles at work don’t exempt us from our responsibilities as a daughter, wife, mother, or primary caregiver. Shrayana Bhattacharyya, in her book “Desperately Seeking Shah Rukh” puts it beautifully: “Across class and social location, working women traverse this tightrope between markets, modernity and maryada all alone.”

But does that mean we retreat, give up, step down or stop trying?
Of course not! We, as women, are adept at facing challenges. Each day we negotiate, slither through, smile, fight, and navigate the complexities of a world not designed for us. We build allies, that stand with us and around us to hold us up and take us through every challenge.

We often believe it’s a single moment that changes the way the world works. There was one woman who picked up the Mjolnir and threw it up at that glass ceiling for it to come shattering down. A singular action that gave us the power to step out of our homes, vote for the person in power or even become the person in power.

In reality, we shatter the ceiling by showing up,
By speaking up, even with that nervous shaky voice,
By standing up for ourselves and those who need it. Because leadership doesn’t wear skirts or trousers. It wears courage, vision, and determination to reform, redefine, and remind the world of the possibilities we hold.