Shruti Aggarwal

Women Leadership: Challenges and Solutions | Shruti Aggarwal | Co-Founder | StashFin

Shruti AggarwalWomen represent a large portion of the total population, yet persistently face the issues of disparity in each field whether it is in government or non-government associations and especially face the issues for administration since men consistently imagine that ladies can’t be a decent pioneer or chief. some men even think that ladies are born to do household work. Despite of all the efforts
ladies make, there are a few things ladies confront which men don’t.

Gender issues has always been a barrier for women who are willing to excel. The issue of gender issues emerges from people who tend to believe that women are good for certain roles and men are excellent for certain positions. To break this barrier, women need to demonstrate their abilities to handle tasks and critical situations for particular positions by being proactive. Additionally, one of
the best approaches to counter female bias is to support each other at times of need. Walk together on the path leading to a road of values of supremacy and innovation.

If women given proper access to workplace facilities, funds, carrier advancements and solutions to doubts, nobody in the world can stop them to stand next equally to men. But, access to such components is crucial in real life. Women can acquire this for themselves if willing to show the zeal to be part of company activities and events. Women should buckle up and speak in meetings, showing inquisitiveness about more leadership roles for them at workplaces.

Betterment is only possible if organizations are willing to adapt the change in their working environments for ladies. The solutions may take time and efforts to show but the key here is perseverance. As ladies rise and shine with perseverance, they are making history for themselves as well as for women who want to accomplish their dreams.

To all the Women, Keep rising and shining and pledging to never step back.