Why is Employee Recognition Important? | Aparna Sharma | Consulting Editor | The People Management

aparnaDo you know when is Employee Appreciation Day ? Here’s an even better question: Does it even matter?

The truth is, Employee Recognition knows no calendar — it’s an important part of company culture all year long and will always be.

Here are three reasons why that’s so:

1. Recognized Employees Are Happy Employees

Not everybody takes their work home with them, as the old saying goes. However, most of us do take home some of the feelings while we’re in the office or meeting with clients. Let’s put it this way: Good vibes in the office translate into a happier and more peaceful home life.

When you show your employees that you see and appreciate their efforts — and take the time to demonstrate how much of a measurable impact they’re having on your business and your corner of the world — those employees feel good about what they do and they take those feelings home with them.

Happy employees are on an average 12 percent more productive than their less-happy counterparts. Sounds like a win-win.

1. Appreciative Leaders Are Appreciated Leaders

One could write a hundred thinkpieces about why trust in the workplace is critical and it still wouldn’t be enough. So let’s say it again: Trusting one another is one of the most valuable commodities we possess.

Yes! You’d be surprised by the degree to which simply thanking your employees fosters an atmosphere of trust. When employees know their efforts contribute to a cause and are noticed by people higher up in the hierarchy, they feel a deeper connection to leadership.

1. When Employees Feel Recognized, They Stick Around

Let’s consider the costs of training a brand-new employee to the point where they can work as confidently and as efficiently as a company veteran.

Sounds exhausting and expensive, doesn’t it? When asked why they decided to switch to a different career, the vast majority of employees in a recent Global survey report indicated they felt either a lack of respect or a lack of autonomy. With a little bit of recognition, you can reverse these trends and keep your talent around for much longer.

Commit to Recognition Year-Round:

Even today, employee recognition isn’t quite as common, or as celebrated, as it should be. Plenty of managers choose not to make it a priority, either because they’re too busy themselves or because they simply don’t understand why it’s so vital to a thriving workplace.

For the record, every year, the first Friday in March is celebrated as Employee Appreciation Day. Appreciation Day is a wonderful opportunity to create a positive influence on employees and ensure a healthy space to work mentally and physically.

Now that you know how easy it can be to emphasize recognition — as well as why it’s so important — you can make every day a time for appreciation .