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The pandemic hit the world – COVID -19 | Sajid Patel | AVP HR – Head L&D | Datamatics Global Services Limited

Sajid PatelWho thought that WE in the 21st century, with the latest technology at our fingertips would face the current COVID-19 pandemic? The novel COVID -19 that made a tiny appearance at the end of 2019 is now literally the talk of the town. Besides the fear for our lives, our country has registered a 7 year low GDP growth rate of 4.7 in Sept to Dec 2019, when corona hit the world’s economy. The problem is bigger for India particularly as the pandemic hit the world when India was already in a prolonged phase of an economic slowdown. This has impacted various industries from aviation, local businesses, the education sector, even the stock market with the Sensex losing around 10000+ points in 2 weeks’ time. Mostly all the sectors and industries whose livelihood thrives on mass gatherings have come to an abrupt halt overnight.

To curb the spread, the Government has suggested Work from Home (WFH), and religiously corporates have adopted to ensure employee safety. WFH provides us with a gift of additional time in our hands due to limited travel. Let’s look at this Lockdown as a blessing instead of a boon. Let’s not surrender ourselves to our televisions or should I say Netflix and chill for our millennials, let’s go one step further, let’s cultivate a habit of Continuous Learning. Using today’s online learning tool, the learning is not restricted to the classroom and the sources of learning are not just limited to work. We can finally get down to reading a new book, learning a new language which we were planning or even upskilling ourselves by doing the course which we promised ourselves. So now that we have the time lets learn to appreciate it and use it optimally and spare some time for personal growth and development. This helps us to keep our stress levels in check during the COVID-19 situation and allows us to hone our skills and bring to light the hidden talent that we possess.

The current situation has taught us to pause our fast pace life and start looking around and appreciating the little things of life – like the new poetry that our children learned, the new dish our spouse cooked, the new friend circle our elderly parents have made or even the fact that we should start maintaining a work-life balance. It is nature’s way of asking us to start living in the real world and understanding that all our relationships personal or formal are lacking the human touch as technology has totally taken over.

Amidst this chaos let’s look at the bigger picture, suddenly no one is interested in communal riots, caste, etc. No cross border terrorism which proves that our situations and existence is so fragile. Let us all come together to fight this new enemy.

I urge you all to keep safe and follow the guidelines as prescribed to you. I would like to end this by quoting the Lyrics of a famous Michel Jackson Song – “Heal the world, Make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race”.

Let’s strive to sharpen our minds and during these difficult times let’s not forget our blessings.

6 thoughts on “The pandemic hit the world – COVID -19 | Sajid Patel | AVP HR – Head L&D | Datamatics Global Services Limited

  1. Sajid……you are absolutely bang on…..I would say Time is the healer……so the time in hand is to be considered as a bonus tool to evolve ….and ths could turn into an opportunity. As mankind has evolved throughout….I would say as ths too to be considered as a part of the process. Professional evolution is always needed to attain the so called GOALs.. Somebody’s success formula may not be applicable to me and for that matter to you. It’s the constant trial and error(failure) method will finally let us know what works.Ths time in hand is another opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry to research a new drug….for the global political pandits to find ways to reach out to their citizens …the corporate world to find the best practices which will help sustainability…..I guess ths is the TIME

  2. Beautiful article. Need to use this time for learning new do thinking work and spend that extra time saved on commuting on doing something new

  3. Very well written Sajid.
    I couldn’t agree more with you that this is an opportunity to re-learn re-train ourselves and not stick on only movies/programs on screens whether it is mobile or television.

    I m sure the lyrics are going to make magic trick

    Heal the world, Make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race”.

  4. Thank you so much sir for your encouraging words. The issue is every senior feels that their subordinates are having a vacation , whereas they fail to realise that the subordinates are now working till 12AM in the night because of work overload, internet slowing down or unstable, video conference, call conference, so much so that many of them dont even have time to eat and god forbid they also have to cook themselves
    unlike the top 1%seniors.
    Majority of the vellas are suggesting workife balance, hobbies and what not!!!!
    Dont forget many of us are struggling for breath, due to overload of work.
    Best regards

  5. good article buddy… India will be hot hard economically in days to come. the current loss is just half or less. lets hope for the best….

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