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The 50 Points Benefit – Considerable Changes Forced on Humankind due to COVID-19 Pandemic | Arun Prasad Keshri | VP-Employee Relations | HR Compliance

Arun Prasad KesriFor millions of individuals and businesses, the threat of COVID-19 is FINANCIAL RUIN, but Humankind is benefiting from the considerable changes forced on society and we never had thought that A 21 Days Lockdown Schedule would ever come in our Life, mandated by the government to be at home, work from home to be safe & stop further spread of COVID-19 Pandemic.

Let me share the 50 Points Benefit – which most of us will agree are:-

  1. Business Acumen has increased.
  2. Documentation & Communication has improved.
  3. Awareness & Consultation has increased.
  4. Critical Evaluation and Ethical Practice has increased.
  5. Global & Cultural Awareness has become important
  6. We have started valuing our time.
  7. We have started respecting others time
  8. We have become more respectful and vigilant
  9. Agility and Humility is in process and Technology is being Tested
  10. We are Obeying and Complying with the rules of the land
  11. We are in Augmented Life Forms Now.
  12. We have become more profound.
  13. Hygiene has grown manifolds
  14. Cleanliness has become a very important part of our life
  15. Empathy has grown drastically
  16. Sympathy too has grown
  17. Trust has Grown on Teams & People (No Other Choice)
  18. Respect of Women at Home has improved
  19. No New Cases of Sexual Harassment
  20. Partnership with family and parents has amplified.
  21. More Men have started cleaning house and utensils and have started cocking too
  22. Few More Women have started cleaning house and utensils and started cocking too
  23. Self Empowerment has begun, Self Sustainability is the demand
  24. Ideas have started being generated, people have become relevant
  25. We are now contemplating (Considering, Thinking, Reflecting, Mulling Over, and Pondering) on how things have happened.
  26. We are living our dreams of having our Me-Time, Fun Time.
  27. We have sufficient Play Time for our Children and Family
  28. Parenting and Learning from Children has increased
  29. Online Teaching & Learning has augmented
  30. Indoor Activities has suddenly become important (Ludo/ Caroms have come out)
  31. Our hobbies have resurfaced (Indoor)
  32. Our Plants have started looking greener
  33. We have been forced to learn new skills in this IOT of things
  34. Up-scaling and Up-skilling is now ON
  35. Future of Work is shaping up
  36. Work From Home is Finally Becoming Acceptable
  37. Air is Cleaner and Pollution is Zero
  38. Crude Oil Prices have come down
  39. Diesel & Petrol Prices are Controlled
  40. Value & Respect of Money has Grown
  41. Spent is Less and Saving of Money is More
  42. Most of us are able to live and sustain without Cigarettes & Hard Drinks
  43. Show-offs are less.
  44. Wardrobes have been arranged.
  45. Good News – Surprised But Happy to see we have a bundle of clothes to wear for the next 6 months.
  46. Saving on Dry-cleaning of Clothes
  47. Saving on Frequent washing of Official Cloths and
  48. No regular pressing of clothes so the saving is more now on electricity and money
  49. Respect & Relationships have become stronger and we are closer to each other Yet social distancing – (Physically Away)
  50. And So On And So Forth……. And Many More………

Of all, we are Safe and Secure from COVID-19

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