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As the name suggests, the job of an ATM is to replace human tellers. Globally there are around 3 million ATMs. In the last 20 years, in US alone, the number of ATMs has doubled from 250,000 to around 500,000. Interestingly, the human teller jobs have also steadily increased without any job cuts, employment has been on a rise.

But, are today’s human tellers doing the same job as what they did 20 years ago? No, nothing even close to it, though they retain the same name unfortunately. They are doing much more interesting jobs like customer need analysis, problem solving, sales etc, which need a more human touch like empathy, communication, persuasion & these not easily automatable.

In today’s world of globalization & interdependence, even a simple cab driver cannot shun technology but must embrace it to survive. Similarly, it is a brilliant opportunity for HR professionals to adopt technology & let AI / Big Data drive their decisions, instead of getting stuck with multiple excel spreadsheets for their mundane jobs. Rather, they can focus on topics which has a higher business impact when data is reliable & automated.

Year on year, the number of mid-level white collared clerical jobs (read it as easily automatable) are on a decline (-20% in 40 years) while low skilled & high skilled job requirements are increasing.

Is our HR fraternity ready to embrace this disruption& step up? That’s a question each of us must introspect.

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  1. Embracing Technology is the need of the hour these days,HR can’t be an exception to this.
    Technology will in fact be a force multiplayer at the disposal of the HR department of any entity.

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