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Learning & Development – Effective and Systematic process | Chiranjeevi Pannem | Chief Human Resource Officer | Blue Square Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd

Learning & Development – Effective and Systematic process to enhance an employee’s skills, knowledge, and competency from better to best performance

Chiranjeevi PannemLet me bring you a new Learning & Development program as per research by BiZLibrary and other new age HR leaders, it is called “Social Learning” – Pretty new kind of word and in the years to come we will get used to it. Social learning involves leveraging the social nature of people to enhance training. When respondents were asked across the globe during a survey if they made use of social learning in their training programs, 32% said they did. Another 52% said they did not. Ten percent indicated they do not now but will in the next 12–18 months. Finally, only 7% said they did not know. Top types of social learning included peer-to-peer sharing of learning content (58%), group discussion boards (57%), and video chats and assessments (46%). Here is a complete list:

1. Peer to Peer sharing the learning in the form of Linkedin Post and Instagram/TikTok reels – Short and effective.

2. Group discussion boards like Wiki Hour

3. Swipe up and learn or Click a button & ask a question – Forms/Video Chats/Tech Platforms

4. Involving employee collaboration in creating training and organization content

5. Employees & Learners commenting on and rating learning content and asking for change for every 2 years

6. Subscribe or Volunteer as Mentor for a small set of groups offline for a period of 90 days. 21 days you will get a Habit and 90 days you will have a new lifestyle.

7. After any training programs or certification if the employee does not use the skill on regular basis he tend to start losing the knowledge from 18 days, hence the HR plays a vital role in coordinating with program managers to check and verify the trained resources are being used in projects where their new skills can be used if there are no available projects within the company. They can run programs like “Hackathon” and make the new learners utilize the new gained skill and produce innovative products and source-code which would bring up the learning curve higher and solve real time problems.