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IIM Kashipur Conducts HR Conclave ‘Samanvaya 2023’ on Human Renaissance: Unleashing the Power of Automation

IIM KashipurIIM Kashipur, a leading Indian management institute, hosted a thought-provoking session on the theme ‘Human Renaissance: Unleashing the Power of Automation’ during its annual HR Conclave ‘Samanvaya 2023’ here today successfully. The discussion revolved around ‘Automation Revolution: Unlocking the HR Insights.’

Chapter 1 of the ‘Samanvaya 2023’ saw the participation of leading HR experts from the industry, fostering an environment of knowledge exchange and networking. Esteemed speakers/ guests for the event were Dr. Pradyumna Pandey, Manufacturing HR Head at Hero MotoCorp; Debalina Roy, General Manager – HR (Talent, Capability and D&I) at Vodafone Idea Limited; Mr. Rajiv Naithani, Chief People Officer at Infogain; and Mr. Rahul Pakhale, Senior Human Resources Manager at Jio Platforms Limited. Prof. Mridul Maheshwari, Faculty at IIM Kashipur, moderated the session.

In the latest chapter of ‘Samanvaya 2023’, speakers discussed anticipation of the impending automation and robotics revolution. As HR managers are gearing up to develop comprehensive retraining and reskilling programs, this proactive approach recognizes the transformative impact of technology on the workforce. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are playing a key role in this evolution, not only in streamlining HR processes but also in making hiring decisions.

Addressing contemporary issues, speakers emphasized the judicious use of individual skills. Furthermore, experts highlighted that upskilling and reskilling are helpful in personal and organizational development.

Dr. Pradyumna Pandey brings with him over three decades of valuable experience. He said that while automation was not his primary focus initially, the onset of the pandemic has underscored the indispensability of automation technology. It’s imperative to embrace the mindset that current needs may not necessarily align with our prior perceptions.

Rajiv Naithani shares his experience by expressing that technology has rapidly evolved, especially in the manufacturing and energy sectors. This acceleration has significantly impacted software development and product design processes.

Debalina Roy highlights the importance of talent activation and said that the integration of AI into our system has significantly streamlined our HR processes over the past five years, enabling us to efficiently review numerous resumes and align them with our specific requirements.

Rahul Pakhale highlights the importance of analysis and performance management in addressing stagnation within an organization. Says that AI will enhance HR professionals’ roles by automating routine tasks and that it has the potential to mitigate unconscious bias in candidate selection, ensuring that the organization recruits the best candidates.

Furthermore, speakers underlined the importance of the human element within companies, even amid the spread of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This includes fostering empathy among employees and providing organizational support during difficult moments. Additionally, the discussion focused on how HR professionals have discovered the importance of employee engagement and its vital role in job satisfaction.

Prof. Utkarsh, Chairperson, Placement and Corporate Relations, IIM Kashipur, termed the conclave successful and said, “I am elated to announce the successful culmination of Samanvaya 2023, a pre-eminent HR conclave that brought together unexcelled Human Resource professionals and thought leaders. Themed ‘Human Renaissance: Unleashing the Power of Automation’, the conclave explored the future of HR in the era of automation. With engaging discussions and insights, the event centered around the topic ‘Automation Revolution: Unlocking the HR Insights.’ At IIM Kashipur, we are committed to fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration in the field of management, reaffirming our dedication to excellence in management education, Samanvaya 2023 marked a pivotal moment in that direction, fostering collaboration and sharing strategies to harness the potential of automation in shaping the HR landscape.”

Students were excited after engaging with global HR leaders and gaining valuable insights from experienced professionals through insightful panel discussions. They posed several questions to the esteemed panel regarding the ongoing and upcoming trends in HR in the age of automation.