Common Recruitment Challenges in 2020 ! Parul Singh | Director HR | Gensler Design India Pvt Ltd


A decade has gone by and it has brought significant changes in how companies hire talent, so what are the common challengers recruiters going to face in the year 2020?  

 One challenge which will always stare at a recruiter is finding the right talent in the right time frame, and while the firms will address this challenge in the environments they operate, the first step is defining what is the right talent and partnering with business to get a deeper understanding of what is needed and by when.  

There is a clear matrix about how a diverse talent pool adds to the competitive advantage of a firm, and hence those who are responsible of hiring talent should think about innovative ways of diversifying their talent buckets.  

 Today a large pool of job seekers are not only considering the brand magnitude of the prospective employer but also the purpose, the vision and the mission, so for someone who helms the responsibility of attracting talent needs to be paying attention to the overall messaging.  

 A lot of digitization and automation is now part of the hiring process and for recruiters it’s important that they use automation at the right stages and let it compliment the overall hiring process and experience.