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Building a Resilient Workforce Through Rewards and Recognition |Prerna Kohli | Director of HR – India | Cyware

Prerna KohliThe modern workforce is much different compared to a decade ago, – and the pandemic has accelerated further change. The benefits of having a team working in hybrid mode cannot be denied, even though teamwork online can present its challenges. In difficult operational scenarios, keeping your employees engaged and happy is crucial to maintaining business continuity and achieving consistent results.

Importance of Recognizing Employees
Recognizing and rewarding employees should take center stage, particularly in light of today’s hybrid work culture. Feeling valued makes employees more motivated and more likely to go the extra mile for the company. As the saying goes, “People will always work harder when they know they are appreciated.” In fact, employee recognition is considered one of the top ways to motivate people to do their best work and increase productivity.

The Great Resignation 2021 – How recognition and rewarding employees will help in increased retention
Globally, industries are experiencing an uptick in resignations across different levels, with a record number of people leaving their jobs as the pandemic wanes. A key factor for skilled employees today is to reassess their careers with a focus on work-life balance as a key to making decisions. This is a critical time for leaders and the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) community to act to retain employees.

Having an effective reward and recognition structure in place is important to ensure that all employees feel valued and get the right support to help them grow in their roles, so it’s imperative that organizations do more. Reward and recognition programs must be an integral part of employee retention strategies. Cyware’s reward and recognition programs allow us to honour employees for their hard work and special accomplishments at a personal level and for the entire team as well. Cyware leverages a variety of strategies to identify and highlight the individual contributions of employees toward achieving the shared objectives, improving collaboration, and realizing the company vision. Below are some ways in which you can reward your hybrid workforce.

Recognizing Achievements: Celebrate achievements publicly and optimally across the organization. At Cyware, we celebrate the service anniversary milestones of our long-standing employees with special gifts and rewards. Your remotely based employees an also feel more connected to each other when you recognize their achievements publicly, giving them a chance to socialize and celebrate together wherever they may be.

Employee Reward for Specific Actions: It can be hard for employees to adjust to working from home, so it’s essential to reward specific actions you want to see more of. By doing so, you not only show appreciation, but you also encourage other employees to do the same. Thank the employee for being responsive and available from their new home office with a personalized message. The importance of communication will be reinforced for your hybrid
team, while also motivating the employees who are already succeeding.

Health and Mental Wellness Benefits: A successful organization cannot function without healthy employees. Stress from the pandemic increases employees’ need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, so efforts to provide them with a healthy lifestyle become even more crucial to staying fit physically and mentally. With wellness programs, such as yoga training, fitness classes, and access to telehealth specialists, employees can be more productive.

Offer Learning Opportunities: With the rise of online learning platforms, there are many opportunities for employees to pick up new skills and gain expertise in specific domains. During these challenging times, reward your workforce by helping them learn, train, and develop in new avenues. Allow your employees to explore their different interests and skills. Developing new technical and soft skills also improves the quality of their work.

During these times of upheaval, it is crucial to cultivate digital communities that are inclusive, connected, and thriving. The onus lies on the leadership to drive the change for adapting to the changing work environment. The Cyware leadership has proactively implemented a number of innovative policies to thrive in today’s dynamic working environment and maintain a supportive company culture that recognizes employees’ achievements and supports all workers.

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  1. Love to see the efforts your making to recognize and appreciate your team members. You have developed a culture of recognition that will strengthen your team and the people on it. All the best!

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