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Bangalore HR Summit 2019

b summit


Institute of HRD will be hosting the 18th  Bangalore HR Summit 2019 on 13-14, 2019 at Bangalore, India. In this HR Summit Human Resources Professionals from India, Asia Pacific and Middle East are expected to participate and deliberate on the theme Future of Work and Workforce Management. The HR Summit will witness innovative and engaging sessions and deliberations by Eminent CEO’s, Senior HR Professionals and other thought leaders.

The buzzword in many HR circles today is FoW not VUCA, YOLO or the like. With technology being more disruptive by the day and the workforce extremely varied, it is imperative that the HR functions as a go getter and visionary.  The future looks a lot more complex with timelines, cultures, generations, collaborations, skills being juxtaposed with each other. The HR then plays a pivotal role in leveraging the cogs of the organization to run smoothly. Data management coupled with AI and ML are the key tools that will be available to the HR to manage the organization’s requirement – talent hunting, compensation, employee engagement and so on. The question therefore is whether the HR of today is geared to deal with the challenges of tomorrow. Is there enough insight and vision to navigate the path of Future of Work and Workforce?  Is it flexible, all embracing, and functional and yet be the strategic business partner it needs to be? The HR Summit  looks forward to the answers to many such questions as well as raise key questions.

The Bangalore HR summit 2019 aims to have comprehensive deliberations on The Future of Work and Workforce Management.