What Gen Z expects from the workplace


Engineers and MBAs are not employable is the conclusion of many employability surveys. But how far is this true?

Consider this fact: There are 600 Million youngsters under the age of 21 (who account for 48% of our population).  By any statistical measure of any skill, there would be enough of them to accommodate every level of performance bucket.

So what exactly is happening with this new generation of workers? And why are companies finding it difficult to hire the right candidates, for the right jobs, at the right time? 

Research by Aon, shows that there are a number of factors that are influencing the jobs and talent market. Based on the data of assessments conducted in a number of colleges across the country for a number of brands, the company found that the problem is much more complex. Even when there are available, eligible, high-scoring students, they don’t seem to be applying for jobs, and even if they get shortlisted, they aren’t all appearing for job interviews.

There are two generational trends that companies need to account for:

Fundamental nature of youth- Not keen on settling for a job or career. They have dreams, passions and preferences. 

Employers need to attract their attention, stand out and be ‘employee worthy’ much like products/services need to be ‘consumer worthy’. 

Here are a couple of ways this cohort of young talent is making their choice: – 

1. Review channels: Just as there are a number of online review platforms on products and services, this new generation of talent turns to online platforms to assess the reviews of employees. 

2. New age learning: We refer to the ‘online’ world as if it is the second ‘world’ (after the physical one). To this generation, ‘online world’ is blended with the physical one. It is one. They learn, engage socially and professionally in their world. Talent acquisition professionals need to pay attention to the various online platforms that are popular with prospective candidates. 

The above insights are focused on the behavior of this generation of worker. Leading organizations have implemented interesting practices- From adopting technology in unique ways to applying principles of consumer branding to talent acquisition. To learn more about Gen Z, leading brands on campuses and insights on how to solve your talent problem, download the excerpt of ‘Not Just Another Employability Report’ by Aon.