Naserah Bhutto

Women’s Equality Day: Discuss how women across sectors are breaking stereotypes and championing breakthroughs across industries | Naserah Bhutto | Project Manager | CDK Global India

Naserah BhuttoPassion for women’s empowerment and gender equality drives me, recognizing the invaluable contributions women make to organizational success. Women’s equality goes beyond social justice; it’s a business imperative. With unique perspectives and experiences as women, enhanced decision-making, innovation, and problem-solving come to the table. Opportunities to influence policies and practices that promote gender equality have included advocating diversity in hiring, advancing women to leadership roles, and mentoring junior female colleagues.

In addition to their professional journey, they have actively influenced policies and practices that champion gender equality. Through advocating for diversity in recruitment, promoting women to leadership positions, and mentoring young female colleagues, they’ve contributed to fostering an environment of equity.

Today, women are dismantling traditional stereotypes, making their mark across diverse portfolios and industries. Embracing women’s talents and viewpoints enables organizations to tap into a wider spectrum of ideas and strategies, ultimately leading to amplified creativity and holistic success.