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Who Needs Counselling | Nilofa Kabir | Founder Director | LoveThyLife Wellness Services

Nilofa KabirWhy do I need Counselling?

Phrases like,

“I am fine”

“I am strong enough to handle this situation”

“This shall pass too”

“I have my family and friends beside me”

“I am not that weak”

“I am not going crazy”

Have you ever wondered how many emotions lie behind the sentence “I AM FINE“? Leave about others, we ourselves do not understand how much we are holding behind our smile. Did you ever hold up your physical health till the time you are on the verge of going to death bed? Then why do we do the same with our mental health?

We all grew up not treating the mind as an important part of our body. For us, the mind is only to represent intelligence. And people dealing with mental health issues, are always been treated as insane. Nothing can justify the indifferent treatment that our emotional health gets, even in an educated society. Counselling is not for Crazy people, it never was. Counselling is for anyone and everyone, who may be bothered by a short term or, temporary phase like any other physical troubles. It’s really sad to see, that the amount of importance a broken finger gets, comparison to a broken heart.

Till the time, we do not understand the importance of our own emotional wellbeing, and we start taking good care of it, we won’t be able to change the stereotype around it.

Which are the areas counselling can help with?

Even if we take one step ahead, and at any point in time realize that counselling is not for insane people, still few questions always bothers us about the usability of it. Like:

Is counselling capable to help people dealing with difficult childhood problems? Which is still bothering?

Is it good enough to handle our fear of losing someone special or the disgusting feeling after a breakup?

Can this help me deal with the kind of harassment I face every day in my workplace?

Is it helpful for the kind of mental situation I am in, after my childbirth?

I don’t know, what is wrong with me, but I always have this fear of talking to a group of people. How can counselling help me, when I myself don’t know the problem I have?

While the number of questions can be many, but the answer is very simple and one, that is “YES“.

Counselling has the power to bring out the strength in you, look at the issues, from a different perspective, which in a way helps you to deal with the problems, you are struggling with.

Counselling is a talk therapy, where the counsellor is not there to advise or guide you with your problems. The counsellor gives you a platform to express your feelings, freely, without being judged, or being afraid of anyone.

You can share whatever you intend to in a safe and confidential environment. The whole idea of counselling is to empower you through rationalizing of thoughts and feelings. The counsellor will provide you a safe place to share your feelings and thoughts in a confidential way. And after intently listening to your problems, he/she will help you discover your own coping mechanism and identify a plan of action to deal with your problems.

Counselling empowers in a way, that you can help yourself deal with your issues, even after the sessions are over.

It is true, that talking to a friend or family is always therapeutic. But when we have a fear of being judged or have the feeling that sharing with your known people might embarrass you in the future, or they might not understand what you are going through. Then what is the point of struggling alone?

Even if you are able to share your feeling with your near ones, sometimes their suggestions or advice might not help you get over it, or even your feeling might be misunderstood or not understood at all. That time, the only feeling which works as an add on to our problem is “NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME“. And these makes you even more prone to disturbed emotional health.

Counselling provides expert support in a safe space for you to share your concerns,  that employs therapeutic techniques and aids that help you heal from past hurts, overcome difficult thought patterns, give you a fresh perspective and empower you into a better self with preparedness to face future challenges.

If you want to understand where did a thought, action, emotion originates, then counselling helps to put the pieces of your life puzzle together.

Counselling sessions are a great tool to enhance “SELF AWARENESS“. When you understand yourself better, you make better decisions, get to know your trigger points, learn to handle the tough situations. Identify opportunities to improve and navigate through life. It can help to turn a challenging life situation/transition into a period of growth and change.

So the bottom line is ANYONE may need counselling at any point in their life. We don’t have to be crazy enough to need it.  It’s your life, and you have all the rights to take care of your emotional wellbeing.