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What are the challenges faced by the Indian Women in their Career Advancement? What are the best solutions to overcome from the challenges. | Smitha Jacob | Co-Founder | Jolger Activewear

Smitha JacobWomen have played as important a role as men in shaping human history. The high status of women in employment and social work is an essential indicator of growth for the country as a whole. But has gender bias in the workplace been resolved?

According to the Ministry of Statistics, women comprise only 13.76% of all entrepreneurs in India. It is still believed that women do not have the same benefits as male workers. They are often not treated the same as their male partners in the work environment.

Disorientation, inconsistent balance, safety, mental and physical provocation, often lack of adequate family support, and lack of maternity protection are still the major problems and difficulties faced by women today.

We know empowering women is very important, with equal opportunities as any male sibling in the family and appropriate nutrition and quality education. This should become part of our culture and be practised in each household. The nation ought to provide her with the safety and security that all women need to advance their careers at work.

Women have traditionally been marginalized in society, not having the same rights or living standards as the other half of the population. The belief that women are only suitable for specific jobs leads to discrimination, and public perception of women’s roles needs to catch up to the law. Women’s political, economic, and social empowerment is crucial to the growth of any society because working women are essential to society’s development, and advancing women’s economic, social, and political status necessitates their empowerment.
The most significant factor in women’s economic well-being, social status, and empowerment is the gender gap in property ownership and control. She finds it very challenging to grow her business due to this.

Women’s empowerment, career development, and enhancement: Women entrepreneurs typically need more confidence in traditionally male-dominated fields like sales, negotiation, and fundraising. Proper training and mentoring can help an individual excel in their areas.

Opportunities for Growth: There are currently a lot of organizations in India that help women start-ups by funding and incubating them. Numerous incubation centres and organizations that assist them with networking skills have opened. But it is essential to level the playing field if we want women to become mainstream entrepreneurs. They ought to feel heard and supported. In an ideal world, more efforts should be made to establish academies and incubators for women entrepreneurs, where they can gain access to funding, technology, training, and mentoring. The fact that the world now knows about many successful women is also motivating.

The best solutions to overcome the challenges are: Creating a work-life balance, supporting and encouraging people to try new things, take chances, or run general businesses by society, and having confidence in taking charge of your achievements and by creating financial products that support female entrepreneurs to encourage them to grow their businesses.