Sathbir Kaur

Ways to Reward your Remote Workforce | Sathbir Kaur | Director HR | Vertafore India

Sathbir KaurAs we are still evolving from an unprecedented global health crisis, rewarding and recognizing employees during this time of commotion is more important than ever. People are social creatures, and it’s critical that we bind together and leverage the resources we have to stay connected.

Recognising the efforts of employees can make them feel good about themselves. They feel motivated and inspired to give and achieve more. Your appreciation will instil a sense of belief in them that you support them. This holds the potential to build a high-productive team though nothing can replace the human connection.

Recognition is a meaningful way to demonstrate to employees that you care about their work and wellbeing, even when they aren’t in the office. Furthermore, not only does recognition improve employee engagement, it also strengthens manager to peer relationships, peer-to-peer relationships and understanding of an organization’s core values.

Here are few of the initiatives that has helped us motivate our employee in a big way. Virtual team buildings are effective as it gives a sense of togetherness, fun and enjoyment. You can plan online activities and games to help remote employees get to know one another and build stronger connections. Such as Company Culture Workshop, Hackathon, Online Board Games, Quiz, Yoga or Zumba session etc.

360 Degree peer recognition platform is a valuable way to foster positive company culture and create one, where employees regularly go the extra mile. Binding recognition to business values and goals connects employees more closely to the culture and encourages “living and breathing” of those values, it promotes a “culture
of appreciation”.

Celebrating longevity is an excellent way to showcase employees that their contribution during the tenure is worthwhile.

Positive recognitions go a long way, though tangible appreciation is much more rewarded. You can recognise one team/ project a month, highlighting their accomplishments on company Intranet or All hands meetings.

Workspace up gradation for comfort to work at home office. A provision to buy or upscale peripherals will make a big difference.

Refresh/Recharge hours/days is a good way to recognize employees and helps strike work-life balance. A little time away from work helps to rejuvenate with unclear timing boundaries.

Focus on Professional Development could be a way to reward and recognize employees by providing them opportunities to learn and up skill. Social median shout outs can be another way to boost the morale of employees at
regular intervals.

If you see a behaviour that should be rewarded, recognize that employee instantly to make your recognition more meaningful.