Wakefit.co enables employees to take time off for wellness, No Questions Asked!

WakefitWakefit.co, one of India’s leading D2C home and sleep solutions brands, rolled out a ‘No Questions Asked’ Wellness Leave Policy for its employees.

The Wellness Leave Policy extends a no-questions asked leave to all the employees once a month. These wellness leaves can be availed by the workforce to support their physical, mental, or emotional wellbeing by taking time off to unwind and rejuvenate themselves. Wakefit.co employees can also utilise their wellness leaves to opt for leisurely activities. Through this initiative, Wakefit.co aims to empower its workforce by instilling a wellness-positive practice that contributes to their holistic growth and development while enabling healthy conversations.

A survey conducted in 2018 by British Airways said that close to 30% of the Indian workforce are unable to summon the courage to ask for leave, as a large share believe that holidays are frowned upon or discouraged by their workplace. With employee wellness being a key indicator of an organisation’s long term success, Wakefit.co is cognizant of the importance of enabling a healthy balance at work for its workforce to thrive. The Employee Wellness Leave Policy will be a cornerstone in helping their employees build on their overall wellbeing while prioritising their intangible needs. This policy falls in line with the company’s endeavour to integrate occupational wellness at the core of their organisational fabric.

Speaking about the policy, Umanath Nayak, Head of HR, Wakefit.co said, “At Wakefit.co, our goal has been to create a culture that values creativity and collaboration while empowering the holistic wellbeing of our employees. Our Employee Wellness Leave Policy has been designed with the need to uphold this ethos and continue building a space that gives our employees the freedom to be, the ability to grow and reach their fullest potential. With this policy, we hope to encourage our employees to unwind, focus on their health, and spend time with their loved ones by taking their wellness leave with no questions asked.”

Wakefit.co has consistently believed in being disruptive in its approach and facilitating meaningful conversations around the overall wellbeing of its employees. With the onset of the pandemic, the company overhauled its existing policies to mould them into the digital-first world. The company unveiled their landmark ‘Right to Nap’ policy in May 2022 to enable employees to take a power nap between 2 and 2:30 pm. Additionally, Wakefit.co also recently launched the flexi work policy for new parents. These initiatives are impactful steps towards enabling a healthy work-life balance among its workforce.