Vaastu Shastra – Leading to a Happy and Prosperous Life | Shrestha | Asstt. Editor | The People Management

vastuVaastu Shastra is a collection of traditional Indian concepts on design principles and architecture. Vaastu Shastra is the science to explore heights of destiny in a piece of land. All ancient structures such as temples, palaces, public spaces, and houses for the common people were made, keeping in mind these principles. Over time, the function of each space was associated with the God that it symbolized. Hence a complex grid of spatial arrangement came into being, which is still used to date for designing all kinds of spaces. Surprisingly, it was noted by the Modern Architects, that in some instances such an arrangement was climatically more responsive and provided better daylighting and ventilation in the building. To this date, many buildings, especially residences and offices are built on these principles, as vaastu shastra is considered sacred and auspicious in Hindu Mythology. According to vaastu rules the entrance gate/ door should be neat and clean/ big/ decorated. This affects the psychology of the coming guest. The beauty of the main gate / door has a positive impact on the guest. The feeling, positive or negative, he/she has come up with and thinks in the favour of the owner of the house. In this way we see how beautifully these rules of psychology have been incorporated in the rules of Vaastu.

According to the architectural science of Vaastu Shastra, there is a deep connection between the environment of a workplace and the over-all success of a business. It is scientifically proven that having a positive work environment can actually increase the productivity in a workplace. For example, the Head of the Organisation, the most important person when it comes to the performance of any organization. The best vaastu zone for the head of the organization is west and south-west direction. They should seat sit facing the North or NE (North-East) direction. Ensure the cabin of all employees is well lit, that it is bright and looks like a place of energy and power. To channelize the positive energy, keeping meaningful paintings in office or at home is very important ie: hanging waterfall painting in north direction, keeping your Guru’s/ god or goddess picture in north-east corner (but praying on a daily basis) etc. may definitely bring money, name and fame in your life.