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Unity in Diversity is India’s Strength!! Vijaya Deshpande| Head Diversity & Inclusion | Talent Acquisition | Optime-Tech LLC

Vijaya DeshpandeI strongly believe that we all are diverse & that DIFFERENCE is making us BEAUTIFUL!!

In Current New Normal phase of our life Globalisation has led all of us to cater to a highly diversified market in a disruptive era.

Therefore, it is very important & critical for all of us to be sensitive enough to, the needs of Diversity segments.

According to me if we walk the talk with following 4 R,s we will surely build the BEST practices in our organisations..

1) Respect is a fundamental Value that contributes success to diversified workplace.

2) Recognition: Employers need to prevent gender discrimination & maintain parity regarding hiring, salary, opportunities and promotions.

3) Recruitment & Retention: High-quality employees are rare so we need to acquire them & Retain them.

4) Reward builds the individual Pride which leads to improved teamwork and collaboration.

So an inclusive and diverse workforce will help organizations to understand various markets better.

This will enable to Create & Curate customized relatable products, Valued services which will address customer challenges, customer loyalty and consolidating organisations brand presence.

It is undeniable that diversity and inclusion are crucial elements of business sustainability & business Continuity so it is an inevitable trend that the company should embrace Diversity & inclusion.

However, it needs to addressed appropriately I feel we need to

Focus on “Diversity add” not “Diversity fit

We should embrace the unique experiences and philosophies of each employee & their perceptions to bring in fresh ideas for building UNITY Reasons.

All cultures deserve to receive the same appreciation and celebration.

In a diverse workplace, each person has a unique set of strengths and skills, unfamiliar beliefs, working styles, and individual perspectives.

So others can learn a lot from diversity. Everyone will get a chance to grow and learn from others.

In conclusion the way forward should be to incorporate diverse collaboration & align individual development plans with the objective to safeguard Business sustainability.


One thought on “Unity in Diversity is India’s Strength!! Vijaya Deshpande| Head Diversity & Inclusion | Talent Acquisition | Optime-Tech LLC

  1. it was a nice piece of writing on a very contemporary subject. Well done!!!
    Just to share my experience on diversity; when I was in England, a colleague of mine asked me, ‘your country is a multi-lingual society, people speak minimum 2- 3 languages, how many languages do you speak?’
    This question intrigued me to do some introspection about it. The reason was, why didn’t I thought ever before that I belong to a vastly diverse, multi-lingual & multi-cultural eco-system until someone made me to realize about it.
    After some introspection, I got few clues on my own and that were, may be b’coz diversity is an inherent culture of my country/ society and I subtly picked it up from there so it was not a great deal for me. I mean, it’s a normal or a mundane thing for me because I practice it every day )).. For me it’s quite natural to see, people with diverse customs, beliefs and faiths, have been living together peacefully from ages.
    So, for me living in diversity is nothing new but the question asked by my colleague gave me a punch in my head that it might be a normal thing for me but it wasn’t an easy thing. In fact, I must admire the fact, consciously, that I’m living in a hugely diverse world around me and I’m grateful about it.

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