TresVista and Team Everest Collaborate to Shape a More Socially Responsible Corporate Culture

TresVistaTresVista, a global enterprise, partners with Team Everest, one of India’s largest youth-led NGOs, boasting over 25,000 volunteers. The collaborative efforts introduced a series of impactful programs emphasizing community connections and education.

In the “Be a Mentor Program,” TresVista employees dedicated their time over 13 workshops to guide students beyond their college concepts, imparting invaluable insights and fostering meaningful mentor relationships. Complementing this, the team conducted the “Bridge” program virtually, assisting first-year college students in navigating crucial aspects like college basics, classroom etiquette, and career planning. The Bridge initiative aimed at ensuring a smoother transition into college life while fostering a supportive community.

Earlier in the year, TresVista organized the “Pawsitive Care” volunteering workshop, bringing together like-minded individuals with a strong passion for animals. TresVista’s “Art from the Heart” auction helped raise proceeds supporting CSR goals. The holiday season saw TresVista furthering its philanthropic initiatives with the “Box of Hope” initiative, encouraging employees to share the joy of Christmas by gifting boxes of goodies to those less fortunate. Throughout the year, employees dedicated over 14,000 hours to various social causes, showcasing their commitment to making a positive impact.

Vishal Shah, Executive Director of TresVista, said, “TresVista’s collaborative efforts with our CSR partners reflect the objectives of our philanthropic initiatives. There is definitely a financial aspect to be given heavy consideration, and as an organization, our end goal is to always raise funds for the organizations that need it. But, we also put great focus on creating a sustainable platform for conscientious individuals to develop a culture of CSR, truly creating a long-term impact.”

TresVista’s social initiatives are built upon the foundation of what CSR stands for within the organization – Contribute, Serve, and Reform. The collective dedication of the employees exemplifies a commitment to corporate social responsibility and showcasing meaningful change in the workplace and the community at large.