Bavneesh Gulati

Training Practices at Kalpataru | Bavneesh Gulati | Director – HR | Kalpataru Limited

Bavneesh GulatiWe, at Kalpataru, believe in providing platforms to our employees for learning and growth. It is our endeavour to craft avenues for aspiring talent to learn about the facets of the real estate industry. We consider these avenues to be pivotal to the inclination of industry talent towards joining Kalpataru.

There are programs at Kalpataru for mentoring newcomers wherein our existing employees participate. We believe that on- the- job learning enhances the productivity of our new employees. Formal learning is an integral part of our training programs. We provide curated learning in the form of e- learning modules which are accessible by employees in the company. We have branded it as “Propel” internally and the learning modules are updated periodically.

Training programs are a regular feature at Kalpataru. These include classroom style training sessions with pre- workshop research and post- workshop assignments. We make use of visual aids like posters, activity- training films, handbooks and forums like classroom training and hands on training, to enhance the knowledge and skills of our engineers and supervisors and to ensure that quality standards and practices are followed and implemented in our projects. In our view, this works best. Online learning has its place, but it can’t replace the learning that happens along with a cohort. You learn from each other as much as you do from a faculty member and the relationships that these programs engender, remain for life.

I have witnessed networking events and I’ve attended training programs that were organized internally and externally. When you learn together, it sprouts a bond which when nurtured can develop into a mutually rewarding relationship. At Kalpataru, we have the likes of the KMLP (Kalpataru Management Level Program) Group, the Welingkar MBA Group, the YTP (Young Talent Program) Group and the Project Management Group. These have spawned networks that are still active.

Kalpataru believes in inspiring profound learning. We encourage gaining knowledge about subjects and then applying those learnings for the betterment of the organisation and into its daily functioning.