The Power of Chromotherapy

The Power of Chromotherapy | Shrestha | Asstt. Editor & Psychologist | The People Management

The power of ChromotherapyChromotherapy also known as “color therapy”, is a vital source of all energy that surrounds our environment, it often affects our mind and energy. Have you ever wondered why we are always attracted to the stores which have adequate lighting and have a decent and soothing combinations of colors?

Colors are not just there to see but also to feel their aura, each color has its own existence and power which can affect each and everything in this universe. They have their own frequencies and impact.

Color therapy is believed to be as old as an ancient Egypt. They believed that light has extraordinary healing powers. Color therapists believe that colors can harmonize and balance the body’s vibrations. Colors can help in managing stress, anxiety and may help in boosting energy. Color therapy is a holistic and non-invasive therapy and is said to balance body, mind and emotions.

In chromotherapy, it is believed that different colors can impact the body differently, like:

Red – energize or trigger tension
Blue – influence depression and pain
Green – relieve stress and relax
Yellow – make happy and optimistic
Black – power and toughness
Pink – calm and sweetness

There are seven chakras and different colors represents each:

The root chakra (red), the sacral chakra (orange), the solar plexus chakra (yellow), the heart chakra (green), the throat chakra (blue), the third eye chakra (indigo), the crown chakra (violet).

“Color is a power which directly influences the soul”.
~ Wassily Kandinsky.