Interview Anxiety

Conquering Job Interview Anxiety | Shrestha | Asstt. Editor & Psychologist | The People Management

Interview AnxietyInterviews are a part of the hiring process; they don’t pause your life opportunities and other abilities to perform better than previous, nor it should affect your emotions and confidence level for achieving your goals in life, rather it should thrive you more to do better but sometimes we may feel low or nervous to deal with it;

It’s absolutely normal to feel anxious right before, ongoing or after giving your interview, as it is a part of our body’s natural response to stress and at some point, we all can experience it in different situations and meeting unknown people with different surrounding itself can make a person feel anxious or nervous, our body is designed like this, it responses to the presented stimuli.

Tips to overcome the interview anxiety –
→ Focus on your breaths – try to relax yourself by focusing on your breaths and on your mind.
→ Listen to power music – listening to music which helps your mood to elevate and helps your nerves to relax.
→ Eat healthy – eating the right meal can help your body to uplift your emotions and relax your mind.
→ Acceptance – no matter if you pass or fail, just accept it and try to improve and enhance your performance, not for the interview but for yourself.
→ Be optimistic – let yourself grow and develop in all aspects of life, don’t get stuck to previous failures.
→ Share your thoughts – sharing your feelings and experiences to near and dear ones can help you lower down your anxiety.
→ Unlock new challenges – don’t be afraid of new challenges, seek them and learn from them.
→ Fight your fear – know your fear and try to overcome it by applying different approaches, so that you may know which method suits you better and helps you in growing.
→ Hit and trial method – perform this method in your life too, to know the answers to your questions, don’t give up too easily.
→ Be curious – be like kids, start questioning yourself and others, until you satisfy your thoughts.

Just remember it’s very normal to feel anxious and nervous but if it is hindering your daily life activities and is limiting your growth and development then you need to seek help from a professional to progress and overcome it.

“Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges.” —Bryant McGill