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The Changing Industrial Relations aspects | Pankaj Kr Poddar | A G M (HR & IR) | AVI-OIL INDIA [P] LTD

Pankaj PoddarIndustrial Relations (IR) is dynamic in nature. The nature of IR can be seen as an outcome of complex set of transactions among the major players such as the employers, the employees, the trade union, and the state in a given socio-economic context. In a sense, change in the nature of IR has become sine quo
non with change in the socio-economic context of a country.

Thus, the striking feature of the history of IR in India has been that it is dynamic in nature. Particularly since 1991 i.e., the inauguration of liberalization process, die IR in India is marked by new challenges like emergence of a new breed of employees (popularly termed as ‘knowledge workers’), failure of trade
union leadership, economic impact, and employers’ insufficient response”.

The challenges to understand the New Aspects of IR is very important as the workforce and Union are now better educated and updated through social media and other sources of Information. Agile IR is need to resolve the IR issues.