Technology in People Management | Neeraj Sharma | Vice President HR | FourKites India Private Limited


The initial screening process is now easily replaced by BOTs to find out the pre- qualifying criteria before even commencing the assessment of prospective applicants.

Engaging with prospective of post-screening of candidates in providing them information about the company by way of sharing content – videos, social and news helps in growing brand value in the mind of the aspirants.

Applicant Tracking Systems assist in meticulous storage, distribution, recording uniform score cards while multiple stake holders may assess an applicant, tracking feedback and also many systems are integrated with systems to send out meeting invitations to shortlisted applicants.

Online technical and behavioral assessment tools help in further level of screening of the pre-screened applicants.

Sending invitation for coordination of various forms of interviews including pre-registering visitors is now automated. Sending appointments through SMS and other electronic means for smooth arrival of the interviewees adds to the candidate experience.

Pre arrival blocking of meeting rooms and interviewer time slots is now easily done through automated tools.

Upon arrival of candidates their fulfilling the non-disclosure agreement and registration and subsequently feedback forms post interview are automated.

Likewise gamification of onboarding process, initiating background verifications and mandatory training and creating an employee record on the day of joining are today made efficient with technology.

During the course of the year, creating and organizing learning and development content, learning management system to schedule and monitor progress, recording check-in conversations including setting goals and performance discussions are facilitated by tools.

Knowledge sharing and various employee engagements primarily including taking feedback (including anonymous pulse surveys)from employees through their life cycle of tenure at the company help the organization have the option of gaining access to actionable insights & recommendations to help them create & sustain a great workplace.

Meanwhile, during the course of the career journey all changes including re-alignment with other teams, mobility, promotions, ratings of performance, payroll processing, attendance monitoring and expense management are all recorded in highly efficient human resource information systems leading to HR analytics leading to optimization of resources.

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Open communication platforms enable globally distributed teams to effortlessly form workgroups for projects, communities in areas of likes, recognizing collaboration and sharing organization wide communication are today a necessity in every organization.

Automation of the lifecycle of the employee engagement concludes managing the exit process as well including agreement with the manager, feedback from the employee and full and final settlement process.

Technology today encompasses every stage of the employee life cycle and has certainly been a boon in transforming employee engagement and experience.