Dr Vittal Rangan

Six Recruitment Trends we will see in 2022 | Dr. Vittal Rangan | HRM | Jagdish Sheth School of Management

Dr Vittal RanganUnder the new normal, most organizations have revisited the traditional and time-tested approaches to managing their talent and has found own ways to set the house in order, to stay current and competitive.

Top trends we would see this year in recruitment are:

1. People will make the Place more than ever before. We will see a new trend of organizations customizing job roles to suit the strengths of key talent than waiting to fill positions based on standard job descriptions. Uniqueness in each candidate will get a higher appreciation and acceptance than a one-job description-for-all-candidate approach.

2. Data. Data and Data: Recruitment will see lot of customization with ‘data coming together from different platforms” adding to hiring decisions. AI and Data Analytics will support decision making. Candidate’s social media behavior will add to the hiring decisions.

3. Great Resignations vs Great Opportunities: “Great Resignations” also brings with it greater need for immediate talent. Candidates, therefore, will have higher power to negotiate new roles. Compa-ratios will continue to remain a board room discussion more than ever before. Compensation of new hire across rolls (including blue collar) will see an upward trend.

4. More inclusive Workplaces: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion now have a strong business rationale than to see them as ‘nice-to-have’ initiative on the company’s website. These are now part of leadership agenda (e.g. Netflix, McDonalds have already moved ahead on this). Tata Steel has already taken steps to upskill Trans employees. We can expect recruitment to be lot more inclusive this year with diversity being a key-trend in hiring.

5. Depleting work boundaries: Flexible work structures and remote working have started gaining higher acceptance among employers. With flexibility, we also see the glass-ceiling eliminating slowly. Organizational framework makes it more friendly for the working women to come back. Employee location preferences are respected as far as there is no dilution in performance. Candidate will therefore, have a say in her/his place of posting.

6. Value to the table: Demonstrated capabilities and hands-on exposure will take the lead over relevant degree. Work-from-home will make it easier to connect with key talent during their preferred hours. Employees will now offer their service to multiple employers simultaneously across multiple geographies. This will change the recruitment landscape completely with more offers chasing a smaller talented pool.