Dr. Nikhat M Hamza

How to build a High-performing organizational culture? | Dr. Nikhat M Hamza | Director HR | Presidency University

Dr. Nikhat M HamzaWhen it comes to the work culture of any organization leadership is arguably the base for all success no matter it is in personal or professional life. However, in professional life leadership is crucial in building and developing highly productive teams. It is the leader who defines the goal, communicates to the employees, and works on it which not only impacts the growth of the company by means of performance and productivity but is also useful for the self-development of the employee. Leaders & leadership play a very important role in creating a high-performance company culture, they motivate and facilitate team execution by inspiring, motivating them to perform well. When the company has a set of behavior & norms that leads an organization to achieve a set target then the company becomes a high-performing company which ultimately results in the career growth of the employee, job satisfaction, customer satisfaction, employee retention, competitiveness & innovation.

Any organization becomes high performing when there is role clarity, trust between management and employee, bosses and subordinates. The employees are satisfied with their job when they stop looking for the another job, when you make your employees comfortable, trust them then they stop using resources of the organization for searching new job, instead they start looking for growth of company and their stability, when the employee’s council their colleague motivates them, keep them as family, organization performs.

What stops people from performing:

On boarding: This is very crucial point, few managements believe on boarding is not need, but just imagine a person is leaving the job, she / he may be having many queries about the new job then shifting house settling down the family to new place. If you give them good on boarding you are indirectly explaining them the culture of the organisation, a bad On boarding sow the seed in the mind of employee for not serving for a longer period on her/his very first day, because your first impression is the last impression. It works exactly like when your daughter in law enters the house first time. If her on boarding is wrong she will never settle.

Expecting performance from the very first day: most of the time it happens the management expect the performance from the very first day of joining, this mostly happens with the senior people, we do agree that they have to perform, but one thing cannot be missed out they are human, they have to settle their department, they have to observe the strength and weakness of their team, this whole process of settling down takes approximate one month. Because without team bosses cannot show the performance. One the subordinates accept the boss then the boss starts performing.

Third party interference: it is good to correct the people, but it leads to dissatisfactions when instead of their reporting manager some third party comes and correct them. “it is like when parents are correcting the child the child will not mind but if the same thing is done by other person outside the family everyone feels bad” .

Direct communication: People loves to here from management, and it is better when the management takes inputs directly from the Leaders, in education when you are dealing with highly educated people it is very important they should be respected and trusted. Hence direct communication with them helps building the trust.

EXIT: The way the on-boarding should be smooth same way Exit should be smooth, else the mouth of word will spread negativity and false information will float in the market which will harm the reputation of the organization.

Role of HR in building this culture: HR has the great role to play in building the organizational culture and increasing the performance of the organization. But HR is overloaded with the openings and pressure of closing the same. However Artificial intelligence if playing a good role in reducing the work pressure of HR.

AI in HR:

AI is defining new-age standards of running businesses it helps automates the function which are less important so that focus can be on strategic development. Mostly now a days HR’s have started using it for the recruitment to talent management as this speedy and accurate way of processing the large volume of data. Mostly screening of the resume. the success of any organization is on how efficiently and effectively the people is managed and sourced. AI helps in managing the back office transactional work which enables the quick delivery. AI is a technological tool that aims to help us solve cognitive issue enabling machine to think like human, it manages the high speed computation through complex algorithms in handling and processing huge data which help the HR is studying the various data like retention, employee turnover etc.

She is a Certified Thomas PPA Practitioner and holds more than 2 decades of experience in a leadership role in different industries like Drip irrigation/ Automobile/ Fabrication/ IT and Education. Currently, she is working as Director of HR at Presidency University, Bangalore. She did her MBA and Ph.D. in Anthropology. She has authored the book “Corporate Sweet & Salt”, she is the recipient of the Sushma Swaraj Stree Sakti Award 2020. She is also the founder of a start-up called Teach & Coach this center helps start-ups in setting the HR policies, Organization structure, etc. She is a writer, speaker, and blogger.