Sanjay Padode

Post budget reaction quotes | Sanjay Padode | President | Vijaybhoomi University

Sanjay Padode“The overall budget maintains the trend of enhancing the quality of life of Indian Citizens. Simplification of processes, faceless assessment and now faceless appeals are a reflection of this Government’s continued commitment to fight corruption. The near doubling of capital expenditure announced will provide a booster shot to the economy and will help our country to fight the Covid-19 blues. The 1.97 lakh crores allocated to the PL1 scheme has the potential to make India an attractive destination for manufacturing and this should create jobs for our youth.

I have never seen a budget as focussed as this on quality of education. Mention of establishment of teaching standards, toy based learning and weaning away rote learning by altering assessment patterns and adding monies to the National apprenticeship scheme are long term initiatives which will enhance the employability of our graduating students and help India reap its demographic dividend. The qualitative improvement of 15000 schools to evolve them to be exemplar schools will definitely induce the change towards quality in education. An outlay of Rs 50,000 crores to NRF should enhance scholarship across our Higher Education Institutes. The benchmarking of skill qualification framework with international countries will help our country in becoming a source for skilled manpower and will also enhance the value of vocational education.

I am quite convinced that the intent and will of the government is intact, I am hoping that India has sensed this and will cooperate with the government to make the implementation easy.”