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Pepper Interactive takes another step towards employee fulfilment with personalised holiday calendar policy

Roshan MohanAs yet another new year shines upon the world, Pepper Interactive Communications, the fast-growing Integrated Communications firm, introduces a flexible holiday calendar policy furthering its conviction in diversity and inclusivity. This step would ensure that each employee has the freedom to create a personalised festive experience and choose the holidays that work most effectively for them and their family.

The corporate world, reeling in and out of the pandemic and imposed lockdowns, has survived with resilience and adaptability. Hybrid and remote work are now the norm, making for a better work-life balance. There is always scope for bridging the gap between company goals and employee satisfaction. Pepper Interactive Communications’ distinctive initiative aims to fulfil that. The company believes the employees should be given a choice to select their holidays, especially if it concerns their belief system, traditions, and cultural values.

The need for such a unique and welcoming policy has arisen from the work cultures emulated by metropolitan hubs like Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai. While the largest three corporate metropolises of the country give their multi-cultural workforce a level platform to showcase their skills and excel in their respective fields, cultural sentiments often get left out when it comes to designated holidays exacted by state authorities. In most cases, employees are left with no choice but to apply for personal leave to enjoy a day that rightfully belongs to them.

Roshan Mohan, Managing Director, Pepper Interactive Communications, said, “India is a multi-cultural society with a diverse set of customs and festivals. As a people-first company, our management collectively decided to provide each member of our staff the flexibility of designing their annual leave calendar the way they’d like to. Our team has individuals from across the country, and government calendars often do not address all regional festivals and holidays. We believe this approach gives more power in the hands of the individual to design their own festival calendar.”

He further added, “By allowing people to make that choice keeping in mind varied cultures, regions, and geographies, we are taking a small step to allow people more flexibility in determining how and when they want to spend their work and personal time.”

Being a client servicing consultancy focusing on mass communications and public relations, days for Team Pepper can be exerting, demanding a more substantial need for personal well-being, reconnecting with self, and a sense of belonging to the company. Employee-friendly measures such as designing your holiday calendar, mental health leaves, year-end rejuvenation breaks, and other initiatives adopted at Pepper Interactive aim to fulfil the organisational vision and achieve employees’ goals.

About Pepper Interactive Communications:
Pepper Interactive is an integrated communications firm with offices in India, US & Canada. The agency offers a gamut of services, including PR, Social Media & Digital Marketing, and Visual Communications. Over the past eight years, Pepper works with SMEs, startups, government institutions & policymakers, non-profit organisations & multinationals. These include clients from the Automotive, Healthcare, FMCG, Retail, Hospitality, Tourism, Sports, Fashion & Lifestyle, Manufacturing, Trade, and Technology sectors. Its clients include Continental Automotive, Molbio Diagnostics, Continental Tires, Apollo H&L, Monika AlcoBev, Parimatch, Medpho, and more.

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