Srikanth Karra

Mphasis recognized as the ‘Employer of the Future’ by Fortune India in the first edition of Work Universe Employers of the Future study

Srikanth KarraMphasis (BSE – 526299; NSE – MPHASIS), an Information Technology (IT) solutions provider specializing in cloud and cognitive services, today announced that it has been recognized as an Employer of the Future by Fortune India in the first edition of Work Universe Employers of the Future study. This is instituted by Work Universe, a full-stack fund that empowers start-ups disrupting work across industries in partnership with Fortune India. The study identifies future trends in the world of work through deep assessments of how world-leading companies are approaching talent and organisational design.

The maiden year of the study focuses on creating a baselining of trends that are expected to characterize the employers of the future. The report covers over 80+ enterprises sharing their views on the journey of future of work. An assessment of how employees perceive ideal employers through a survey-led engagement with 400 employees across industry providing both contrast and alignment to employer expectations of the future.

Mphasis was recognized for the unique blend of domain and solution expertise along with a keen focus on collaborating with technologies of the future for enhancing R&D and Learning. It mentioned how the company has leveraged hybrid cloud and different dimensions of cognitive and emerging technologies such as metaverse, crypto and quantum-based AI. The report also highlighted Mphasis’ skilling platform, TalentNext for training employees and building an ecosystem of learning. The report further talked about the Geek Quotient initiative which cuts across ranks, knowledge, or expertise and empowers employees to enhance their own learning and skillsets. Mphasis was measured for hyper-personalization of learning and holistic and futuristic HR capabilities.

“We are delighted to be recognised as an Employer of the Future by Fortune India and Work Universe. This stands as a testimony to our relentless efforts in enabling a flexible workplace built on the philosophy of being Hi-Tech, Hi-Touch and Hi-Trust enterprise. Today more than ever, our responsibilities as leaders require us more than ever to rethink the organizational structure, company strategies, and to empower the workforce of tomorrow. The evolution of work and workplaces will continue to accelerate with the increased integration of technology. It will be up to industry leaders to hyper-personalize both consumer experiences and business models with next-gen technology. Going forward, enterprises would need a delicate blend of care, motivation, and continuous learning to foster a future-ready workforce,” said Srikanth Karra, CHRO, Mphasis.

On the recognition, Member of the Board of the EOTF Study and General Partner, Work Universe, Radha Ahluwalia said, “The highlight, to my mind, of the Mphasis approach to future-readiness lies in the synergy between a ready acceptance of the constancy of change and a deep belief in their own, unchanging USPs that will enable them to ride change with success. They have taken clear future bets in key areas with conviction and thought, again reflective of the ability to anticipate the future and form a subsequent strategy. Learnability then becomes the immediate ask and I was impressed with the primacy the firm is according to it. Finally, the curation of hyper-personalised experiences as a means to create winning teams of the future in an agile organisational structure of tribes and squads is also impressive”.

The key findings of the report included:

· Almost 58% of the respondents shared that inspiring leadership with a clear vision is a winning strategy
· 77% Organizations believe that gig workers will become critical to organizations in the future
· 46% organizations believe that innovative capabilities will be a key in winning strategy for organizations
· 52% respondents up to the age of 30 years give flexible work culture as the utmost importance
· 66% respondents believe that decentralized and autonomous organizations (DAO) are the way for the future

The report underlined the rising integration of technology in the workplace and identified 24 companies as most illustrative of future focused strategy both in how they defined the present and expected to shape the future of work. The study was conducted through a detailed survey and an interview-based insight-gathering exercise.

Please find the link to the study here.