work culture

Is your workplace culture is Toxic?

work cultureIt is very hard to accept that your organisation’s work culture is toxic. If your employees are discouraged / have less morale/ tired ? No doubt that your organization’s work culture is toxic!

Every organisation is unique and different. There is no one size-fits-all solution for repairing a damaged work culture. However, some quick solutions may be looked into:

1) Check organisation’s leadership and their values. Are they people oriented? 

2) Listen to your employees and make the changes immediately after internal group discussions which suits both : the organization and the employees.

3)    Provide realistic workloads/ targets and deadlines to your employees. In such work pressure,  employees are more likely to seek employment elsewhere.

4) Treat all employees by the same rules. Favouritism in the workplace can lead to complaints of unfair treatments and discrimination. The effects of favoritism in the workplace is a negative one, as it can destroy employee morale, productivity

5) Well documented policies are very important. It reduces confusion and makes employees happier and more efficient.

6) Provision of small polices on Promotion/Rewards and Recognition.Appreciation is a fundamental human need. Employees respond to appreciation expressed through recognition of their good work because it confirms their work is valued and recognized. It is a proven fact that the motivated and dedicated workforce can perform excellently. Treating your employees as  assets, recognizing their efforts and presenting them with monetary and non-monetary rewards help to create a right workforce for your organization that can be your partner in success.