Gaurav Vohra

“HR Trends in 2021” by Gaurav Vohra | Co-founder & CEO | Jigsaw Academy

Gaurav Vohra“Incorporating people analytics & digital HR tools in everyday HR operations will be a prominent trend in the HR domain. Leaders will rely more on data-backed decision making tools that can facilitate the expansion of the workforce as per the organisation’s strategic needs. Secondly, as HR leaders proceed with caution to reorganize business models to overcome the sudden challenges that 2020 threw at them, adoption of a hybrid workforce model will provide more flexibility, both when and where to work. With the hybrid workplace, HR professionals will be able to redeploy their budgets, reduce talent development and office expenses, and also improve employee productivity. There is no doubt that the workplace transformation during the pandemic challenged HR teams but digital innovations will help them to adapt to the post-pandemic world.”