HR Roundtable

HR Roundtable on “Industry Academia partnership – Key to economic growth”

HR Roundtable

HR Roundtable on “Industry Academia partnership – Key to economic growth” organised by The People Management in association with New Delhi Institute of Management, New Delhi on 6th December 2023 held successfully

HR Roundtable

The HR Roundtable was focus on:

i) How HR, Academia and Industry Leaders may design the Curriculum/ Recruitment strategies
ii) Should Curriculum according to the needs of Industry?
iii) Suggestions from HR Leaders for Best Campus hiring Practices for optimum results

HR RoundtableEminent Speakers from leading Organisations and Institutions like Mr Deepak Bharara, Director, People A2Z Advisory and Solutions, Dr. Rashmi Chauhan, Asstt. Professor, NDIM, Mr Sanjay Kapoor, COO & Head HR, Interra Information Technologies (I) Pvt Ltd, Dr Ankita Nagpal, Associate Professor, HOD- Deptt. Of Mgmt, Mr Devasheesh Kumar, GM HR (Head HR ) Delhi, C&S Electric Ltd, Mr Subnesh Sharma, Sr Director HR, VVDN Technologies Pvt Ltd, Mr Sandeep Singh, GM-HR, Kusum Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Mr Rajesh Popli, Asstt. VP-HR, EY, EY, Ms Monica Verma, Asstt. Professor, NDIM, Ms Sunanda Rao, HR Lead, WTI, Dr Prof Tapash Dey, Group Head HR, MERI Group of Institutionas, Ms Aarti Chopra, Senior VP and Head HR, AdGlobal360 India Pvt. Ltd., Mr Gaurav Sabarwal, Co-Founder & CEO, Getjob, Ms Urooj Fatma, Director HR, Mercados Energy Markets India Private Limited, Dr. Binkey Srivastava, Professor & Head (I/C), Assoc. Dean – AKTU (RG & AR), Addl. Head, KIET School of Management, Ghaziabad, Mr. Sandeep Nagpal, Director, LMI- India, Dr. Gaurav Nagpal, Birla Institute of Technology & Science Pilani, Asstt. Professor- Mgmt Group-Off Campus, participated in the event.

HR Roundtable

All the Eminent Speakers were welcomed and addressed by Mr Deepak Bharara, the Moderator of the Session. Ms Monica Verma also welcomed the delegates on behalf of NDIM. The HR and Corporate leaders shared their views about the challenges while hiring Interns / Freshers. Most of the Speakers talked about the Students lack of communication, role clarity, no practical exposer etc. However, on other side the Academicians shared.

HR Roundtable

Mr Sanjay Kapoor agreed that there is a skill gap, the poor communication and lacking soft skills can be seen while hiring freshers. He further added that the role of parents are very important and college(s) should also counsel the Parents. However, Mr Kapoor advised the Organisations to hire freshers. Train, coach and mentor them and get them ready.

HR Roundtable

Dr. Rashmi Chauhan talked about the challenges for placing students in corporates. She further differentiated very well between private and government Institutes. On one side there is a tremendous pressure (from Parents) on Private Institute for placing the students on other side there is no guarantee/ pressure of placement in Government Institutes.

Ms Monica Verma added that there is a skill gap. A regular debate and thereafter improvement is very important for both Corporate and Education sectors.

Mr Subnesh Sharma explained very well that the Corporates have to check the visibility of passion in student the role they are offering.

Mr Devasheesh Kumar agreed that the students are not corporate ready. According to him even basics are not clear, students are running for big brands, expectations are high but focus on work is less.

Ms Urooj Fatma added that apart from the degree, it is very important for the students to embrace technology, groom skills and keep mentally fit before step into the Corporate world.

Mr Sandeep Singh said that while hiring freshers, knowledge, basic concept, practical exposure are totally missing in students.

Ms Aarti Chopra rightly said that Life skill sessions are important for students in their curriculum. She further explained about the challenges in the corporate world i.e. to work on realistic and sustainable model, team work challenges, emotional strength challenges, culture fit etc.

Mr Gaurav Sabarwal talked about paid internship, analytical and divert approach

Ms Sunanda Rao agreed that a huge skill gap can be seen. She also added that the Institutes/ Colleges should not show their students the distant dreams for placing them in big brands or handsome packages.

Dr Ankita Nagpal agreed that the basics are missing in the students. However, students are techno-fit. She further added that the student’s family background also matters for placement expectation.

Mr Rajesh Popli advised the students to understand business is very important. To enter the corporate world for the sake of job without understanding role, business and other basics will be difficult to get success.

Dr. Gaurav Nagpal commented that paid internship is very important for the Students. Dr Nagpal further shared an excellent example of BITS- Pillani, always depute the Faculties in the Companies where the students are placed for internship, for the outcome as how their students are performing and if necessary the Institute is changing the Curriculum for industry fit.

Dr Prof Tapash Dey commented that the Internship should not be for Certificate only. He also objected on Online Internship, students cannot learn anything.

Mr. Sandeep Nagpal advised the students to focus on Communication skills and positive attitude. He further added that students must join the Toasmasters Clubs to improve public speaking skills.

Dr. Binkey Srivastava commented that students comes from diversify culture ie., rural area, middle class and from good families. Some students comes from choice and some from parental pressure. Hence their expectations are also accordingly. However, showing the students true dreams is very important for any Institute.

After a long debate and mind blowing session on “Industry Academia partnership – Key to economic growth” has touched upon several aspects both from Academia and Corporate Leaders. Corporate leaders advised Institutions to improve Skill and communication part of Students for easy transition from college to corporate. Also advised to Counsel Parents to ease out on placement perspective of their wards. Academic Stress, Paretnal Pressure, Anxiety may be dangerous and does not guarantee that a student will achieve the goal. However, Academia Leaders advised the corporate leaders to hire interns for long duration, paid internship etc.

HR Roundtable

There were findings from the mix group of Corporate and Academia Leaders ie

Why hire freshers

• Easy to train them mold them to suit the requirements of a rapidly growing business
• They come with a lot of enthusiasm and intrinsic motivation and zeal to prove themselves.
• Fresh, young people are supposed to bring in new ideas un-contaminated with old, traditional, run-of-the-mill thinking

Challenges at Corporate Campus

• Focus on Theory- Not much practical experiences
• Mis Match in education curriculum and Indstry needs
• Lowering job placement rate
• Retaining the best Faculty
• Lack of Quality Mentors

Today’s Generation percetions and Positive Traits

• Tech is there to help me
• I like to make a difference and make the world a better place
• I am fit- Physical/ Emotional/ Intellectual
• Feel special and privileged
• Love Community and Focus on Family/ Friends
• Ability to do multi-tasking
• Catch up with ideas quickly
• Confident and assertive