Vandana Sonwaney

HR NEXUS | Dr. Vandana Sonwaney | Director | SIOM Nashik

Vandana SonwaneyThe Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management a constituent unit of Symbiosis International University, is proud to announce our highly anticipated flagship event, which will be held under the overarching theme of “HR Nexus: Where Connections Thrive. ”  The amalgamation of HR Technology and People Management is the fundamental core of the upcoming HR Summit. The evolution of HR in granularity with technology, data analytics, diversity, inclusion, and organizational psychology, is what HR Summit’23 aims to disseminate.

The primary objective of the Summit is to foster a lively atmosphere for collaboration, networking, and the exchange of knowledge. To facilitate focused conversations centered around the convergence of HR technology and People management, we have organized the event into two chapters, each with its distinct theme. The summit aims to celebrate the harmonious integration of Technology and People Management, providing a platform for
showcasing their collaborative potential.

The propensity to encourage a vivid atmosphere aiming to collaborate, network, and inculcate knowledge exchange are the expectations from the summit. To further facilitate the convergence of HR technology and People management, the event has been abridged into two chapters: Pivot – Embrace Change, Empower Growth our campus in Nashik & Ascend – Climbing the Ladder of HR Tech Evolutions in Delhi.

Chapter 1: Pivot – Embrace Change, Empower Growth

Pivot: The world has a history of acclimation. Be it the livelihood or the corporate world. We, humans, have taken evident decisions that have shaped our present. The theme “PIVOT” aims to glorify the role of Human Resources for their contribution towards agility, conformation, and strategic decision-making to cater for business requirements, trends and opportunities, technological advancements and any unprecedented events. Embracing and empowering are part of reflexes that acts together towards organizational success and productivity. Embracing change involves fostering a culture that encourages innovation, learning, and flexibility. It expects HR professionals to promote openness, developing an aura towards skill development that helps an organization towards a series of transitional challenges. HR can assiduously prepare the organisation for an ever-changing business landscape by empowering growth. The summit includes keynote addresses, panel discussions, and workshops run by business professionals who offer valuable insight and practical advice. Attendees can acquire coveted skills, discover the best modern practices, and receive practical help to address current HR concerns.

Chapter 2: Ascend – Climbing the Ladder of HR Tech Evolutions

The business processes susceptible to changes are considered to uplift an organization through transactional changes in accordance with the technology. The second chapter of the HR Summit’ 23, at Delhi, aims to signify the role of technology in diurnal human resource practices. The theme “Ascend – Climbing the Ladder of HR Tech Evolutions” emphasizes leveraging advancements in HR Technology to elevate and enhance various aspects of human resources management. The world has entered a world which is growing in the hands of Artificial intelligence. The steps towards automation and data analytics to streamline processes and data-based decision-making has become a new normal in figuring out how HR professionals are driving the organization towards its zenith of success.

The summit promises to articulate a comprehensive narration of the challenges and the opportunities that HR professional looks forward to. Let there be change, let there be transitions, and let’s climb together on the ladder of technological evolution in Human resources.