Ankur Sharma

How corporate are working to provide a better environment for mothers | Ankur Sharma | CHRO | Aye Finance

Ankur SharmaOur returning mothers program allows women to resume their career journey after long breaks. We extend support to new mothers beyond long maternity leave and give them flexi, part-time and remote work opportunities. When a new mother resumes work, the people function finds suitable internal opportunities for them that allow them to balance between their work and other responsibilities at home. We sponsor higher education programs for returning mothers to help them pursue accelerated learning paths and grow. New mothers are exempted from performance appraisal bell curves and are evaluated objectively for the duration they have worked, giving them an advantage over other employees in their annual increments and bonus payouts which are not prorated. As per an internal study, working mothers have higher salaries than other employees at Aye , said Ankur Sharma, CHRO, Aye Finance