Brijitha Prasanth

Holistic Approach to Achieving Work-Life Balance | Brijitha Prasanth | Senior Director-HR | Ascendion

Brijitha PrasanthIn today’s fast-paced world, achieving work-life balance can feel like a constant tightrope walk. At Ascendion, we understand this struggle. Our employee wellness approach goes beyond traditional “work-life balance” initiatives and focuses on creating a culture that empowers individuals to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Employee well-being is a multi-dimensional concept encompassing physical, mental, emotional, social, and financial well-being. By creating a safe space for our people to thrive, we cultivate a supportive environment where everyone feels valued and empowered.

Creating a Work-Life Balance Without Imposing One Over the Other

Achieving a healthy work-life balance is all about creating harmony between your professional and personal commitments. It’s not about rigidly dividing your life into two separate parts but finding a way to integrate them mindfully to promote overall well-being. Some strategies employees can adopt to create a work-life balance are-

• Planning and prioritization where they can designate specific time for emails,
meetings and focused work. This will help to stay on track and not feel overwhelmed.
• Avoid checking work emails or notifications outside of work hours.
• Taking breaks throughout the day as short breaks improves focus and productivity.
• Practice open communication with their co-workers as it fosters a supportive
environment and helps to manage expectations.
• Use their sick leave, personal time, and vacations to disconnect and recharge truly.
This is crucial for maintaining good mental and physical health.
• Practice meditation to become more aware of their emotions and physical needs, as
this awareness allows them to identify work-life imbalances.

Overcoming Stress & Burnout in Workplaces
Breaking the silence around mental health is crucial. Our holistic approach to well-being aims to equip our employees with the tools to manage stress, avoid burnout, and thrive in their careers. We offer access to counselling services and promote open communication about mental health challenges.

We encourage employees to disconnect from work emails and calls during designated breaks and vacation time. Additionally, our “Do-nothing Wednesday hour”, yoga and mindfulness sessions, and Meditation with Monique sessions encourage Ascenders to prioritize rest.

Work Environment and Employee Satisfaction
A supportive and holistic approach to employee well-being fosters a happy and healthy workforce and fuels creativity, innovation, and success.

• We partner with local gyms to offer exclusive corporate membership discounts, making it easier for our people to prioritize their fitness.
• We promote healthy competition with sports events like the CAPL Cricket Tournament and Ping-Pong Tournaments.
• We champion employee health awareness- We don’t shy away from addressing crucial health issues. We host sessions like Breast Cancer Awareness, Lymphoma, and Leukaemia Awareness with healthcare experts to emphasize the importance of preventive measures.
• Our weeklong celebration, Ascender Appreciation Week, celebrates our core values and provides a platform for expressing gratitude to each other while fostering a sense of community.

Diversity & Inclusion
We understand that a healthy workplace thrives on inclusivity and empowers all employees to feel valued and heard.

• Our flagship program, WE-CARE, is designed to facilitate ‘Women’s Excellence by Creating a Rewarding Ecosystem’ around them. The program prioritizes women’s well-being, offering training, mentorship, and support to help them excel in their careers.
• Building Connections in a Virtual World—Catalyst Connect bridges geographical gaps by connecting local employees for team meals, fostering organic connections beyond work structures.
• Celebrating Women’s Potential with ‘AscendHer’- This exclusive network connects, guides, and empowers women at Ascendion. AscendHer creates a safe space for women to share their voices and navigate challenges together.
• Ascendion trailblazers Toastmasters Club- This supportive program helps employees hone their public speaking and presentation abilities, fostering teamwork and effective communication – all essential tools for professional success.

Thriving Together
A holistic approach to work-life balance is not just an HR initiative; it’s a core value. By empowering our diverse workforce, prioritizing well-being across all aspects of life, and fostering open communication, we cultivate a thriving environment where ascenders can achieve their personal and professional aspirations. We believe that when our people grow and thrive, so does Ascendion.