Sampatkumar Aratti

Global Virtual Learning Initiative during Covid-19 | Sampatkumar Aratti | Vice President & BHR Global Sales Training Company | Lapp Holding AG

Sampatkumar ArattiOnce we faced this COVID situation and employees in many of our group companies were forced to “WFH”, without wasting any time, our Global “L & D” Team quickly formed a “Team” and from across the 3 regions- APAC, LA EMEA & North America.

We worked together and put together almost about 200+ Hours of “e-learning” material for all the functions including Sales, HR, Finance, SCM, Manufacturing and also on Leadership. We have hosted all these e-learnings on our Intranet, which we call “LappNet”.

We have so far set-up about 70 Webinars and encourage our employees to be the “Presenters of the Webinars” and in some cases also get external experts to present on various topics of interest. We are also conducting some small modules of “Virtual Trainings”. We encourage all our employees to make the best use of the opportunity to “Upskill” themselves, but don’t track the same or make it “Compulsory”.

With the above, we are supporting our employees to make the best use of the time to upskill themselves and also divert their attention for something constructive for them and in the long run will also benefit the Organisation for sure.