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Global Office Search Firm ‘Search My Office’ Enters In India Market

search my office‘Search My Office’ launches in Indian Market today. The company would help its client find office space especially in Coworking Spaces and Business Centre’s. Mostly all the team members are from coworking and business centre industry, so as to give the best office search experience in this field to its clients.

The concept is unique, as it focuses only on searching offices in coworking spaces and business centre’s for its clients, unlike other conventional commercial office searches. The team has transacted in many coworking spaces across the globe for more than 8 years now, and hopeful to grow to many other cities globally soon.

Amid many coworking spaces losing out on business due to lack of business leads after pandemic, ‘Search My Office’ may provide a bit more relief to them, as it may generate some additional business leads for them.

“In the current situation, taking a conventional office space is becoming bit challenging to companies. Most of the companies are looking for flexible office spaces, and thus safeguarding them from capex cost, longer lock-in terms, huge deposits etc. ‘Search My Office’, would be providing personalized, and expert advice to find offices in coworking spaces and business centre’s, in all key markets,” Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Founder & CEO of Search My Office, on Search My Office launch in India.

Coworking office space culture grew more popular recently, as a way to save on operational costs, and many other flexibilities the clients get there. ‘Search My Office’ is a technology driven company with human approach, and an extensive knowledgeable team, whose core expertise in the domain would help clients choose the right space quickly and with best pricing.

“We are able to provide best pricing and the best suitable option, because of our in-depth knowledge, network and constant research in the coworking industry,” Mr. Rajesh Kumar, adds further on being asked how they provide best office space option faster and at best price.

On the future of coworking spaces, he further adds, “We foresee a huge jump in coworking space demand in coming months, as people want to have flexibility in the way they work, including locations, office tenure, options to expand and downsize anytime etc. People are now looking for office spaces which are close to their home, where they can walk to work. Thus, coworking spaces become a viable option, as they have opened in most of the prominent areas and are also opening up near residential areas.”

During the last 3 years the coworking and business centre concept has really picked up well in India, especially in tier 1 cities like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Other cities like Pune, Chandigarh and Lucknow are also seeing a substantial growth in coworking spaces.

Headquartered in India, they gradually plan to expand to US, Australia, Europe and other countries. For more information you may schedule a meeting with their expert by visiting their website