Dhanya Ros

Female participation in the formal economy | Dhanya Ros Mathew | Fujitsu Consulting India Pvt Ltd

Dhanya Ros“The Indian IT industry has made significant progress in recent years, in terms of empowering women and reducing the gender gap. For FY 2017–2018, the IT and ITES sector employed 34% women, according to the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, which is higher than the 20.5% average level of female participation in the formal economy in 2011. While this is a positive step forward, we still have a long way to go in this journey.

The pandemic has shown how women, faced with a novel set of challenges, have managed to balance work and family obligations while working from home as well as upskilling at the same time. The new wave of women will bring exciting times ahead for the IT industry, with a new take on leadership and innovation. As women, our fight to break the gender bias is a continuum. We, at Fujitsu Consulting India, are striving to empower women to maintain a healthy work life balance, encouraging them to upskill, and are providing constant support right from hiring to onboarding and beyond, in our endeavor to bridge the gender gap making the workplace equally enabled.”