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Electromagnetic Emissions and Its Impact on Employees | Pranav Poddar | Director | Syenergy Environics Ltd

Pranav PoddarWith the advent of digitization, electronic devices have become an integral part of our lives. However, prolonged exposure to the electromagnetic field emitted by these devices can cause adverse effects on human health. In this article, we will discuss how EME affects employees and its consequences, short-term and long-term causes, and what employees can do themselves to reduce their exposure to EME inside and outside the workplace.

How does EME affect employees and what are its consequences?

Employees are constantly exposed to the field of electromagnetic emissions from electronic devices in the workplace. This exposure can cause various health problems, such as fatigue, sleep irregularities, migraines, and serious health repercussions. In addition to these health effects, prolonged exposure to EME can also lead to cognitive and psychological effects.

The productivity of employees is hindered due to these health effects, leading to absenteeism from work. Furthermore, EME weakens the immune system, causes mental strain and stress, lack of concentration and sleep, and metabolic disorders, which contribute to the attrition rate of organizations.

Short-term and long-term causes of EME:

Short-term causes of electromagnetic emissions include electronic devices like mobile phones, radios, televisions, and computers, electronic discharges like sparks and lightning, solar flares, and electromagnetic interference from electronic devices and emissions from other sources.

Long-term causes of electromagnetic emissions include the contribution of increased use of fossil fuels for energy production to global warming, which results in changes in the electromagnetic field of the Earth, leading to electromagnetic emissions. Human activities like mining and drilling can also lead to changes in the electromagnetic field. Infrastructural installations of power plants, antennas, and phone towers also contribute to long-term electromagnetic emissions.

Health Risks:

Prolonged exposure to EME can cause various health risks such as cancer, neurological disorders, reproductive issues, and more. According to some studies, exposure to EME from electronic devices may increase the risk of developing brain cancer, leukaemia, and lymphoma. Moreover, EME can also affect reproductive health, leading to decreased fertility and other reproductive problems.

What can employees do themselves to reduce exposure inside and outside of work premises?

It is crucial that employees take proactive steps to reduce their exposure to EME. Proper education about the sources of radiation is the first step towards mitigation. Here are some steps employees can take:

• Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections of mobile phones and computers when not in use and keep them at a safe distance from the body.
• Use wired connections for devices like laptops, earphones, mouse, printers, etc.
• Turn off electronic devices when not in use.
• Turn off Wi-Fi during the night and limit cell phone usage. Keep mobile devices at least 2 feet away from the bed.
• Organizations should conduct workshops and awareness programs to spread awareness about the health hazards of EME and implement policies and procedures to minimize the organization’s overall electromagnetic emissions.
• Stay away from places where devices like antennas and towers are installed.
• Consider purchasing devices that are low EMF certified by regulatory bodies while making a new purchase.

Electromagnetic emissions have become an unavoidable part of our lives. However, it is essential to take proactive steps to minimize exposure to EME to avoid adverse health effects. Employees should take responsibility for their electronic devices, and organizations should ensure that their employees are well-regulated inside the premises. With proper education and awareness, we can build a healthier and safer environment for ourselves and future generations.